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Accel Sigma helps you improve on your business process, increase profit, and deliver excellent customer service. We work with small businesses to help you develop keen strategies and processes that will lead to the more efficient delivery of your services.

We are a business management consulting firm that provides robust and flexible business process management solutions for your business. We understand that there is no one size for all, and so we work closely with you to determine the best approach in designing and managing your business processes.



Business Process Documentation

Business processes are at the core of any business, and for growth and scalability, documentation is key. We use our experience and keen understanding of the best industry practices to carefully understand the way your business operates.

Business Process Diagnostics

Our methods include process mining, which is necessary to understand the way your business engages technology, employs systems, and how these affect the workflow and performance of the business.

Business Process Optimization

We identify the weak areas in your business process, then our consultants analyze and proffer the best possible way to optimize your process(es). We carefully examine your business process(s) with an eye to cut-out the fat and streamline the process.

Business Process Design

We will work with you to take a critical look at your operations, including your core processes, as well as customer support and payroll. Then, we will design your business process from scratch while integrating controls, risk mitigation, and key performance metrics.

Business Process Re-engineering

We use a creative approach to business process re-engineering to stimulate change in your business without necessarily destroying what your customer’s value the most about your company. We are passionate about preserving the ethos of your business.

Business Process Coaching

As part of our coaching efforts, we help you learn how to implement the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma to everyday tasks in your business, thereby creating customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and process improvement.

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Why Choose Us

We offer service you can trust that meaningfully impacts on your bottom line.

Accel Sigma helps you improve on your business process, increase profit, and deliver excellent customer service. We work with small businesses to help you develop keen strategies and processes that will lead to the more efficient delivery of your services.

Our difference lies in the fact that we are committed to providing quality service at affordable prices. Our goal is to work with you to ensure that you streamline your business process for efficiency. Thus, our core values include integrity, transparency, and reliability to all the businesses we work with.

When you engage us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. This is a partnership as we use a blue-sky approach to ensure that we design the right solutions for your business.

Our Service Philosophy

Our service philosophy is simple. We are here to serve you as you work to build your business into a global brand that is profitable and sustainable. We consistently seek the best way to offer services that are economical, authentic, and deliver measurable results from the profit perspective and customer experience perspective. Our consultants are some of the best in the industry, and they have years of experience in creating, analyzing, and managing business processes for improved efficiency.

We are passionate about small businesses because we believe that you are the bedrock of any society. Which is why we proffer solutions to help small businesses compete globally and increase their revenue.

Customer Guarantee

Our guarantee to our customers is quality service with honesty and integrity. We understand the small business sector and have focused our energies on creating innovative solutions for your process management. Our pricing is competitive, and we deliver proven results. We see ourselves as part of your team and work with you to create personalized solutions that work for your business.

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